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[REQ] Cure Vol. 79 [Tuesday
Mar 16, 10]

I search scan from Cure Vol. 79..
Gallows (one page) and a the small comment box from naoto (exist+trace)
from the black and white sites...

Sadie - Crimson Tear Limited Editon => Booklet + Postcards + small Flyer [Friday
Sep 19, 08]

1. Feel free to use the scans. 
2. Credit is nice if you upload them elsewhere.
3. Comments are appreciated but not required. ^_^

BookletCollapse )

PostcardsCollapse )

small flyerCollapse )

EREMIA - Darkness of Red [Wednesday
Jul 11, 07]

[ mood | back ache? ]

Hi folks ^^
Well, my friend received her Darkness of Red today and she scanned the booklets and let me post it here n_n
Thanks, Mizu-chan!

follow me to direct links *-*Collapse )


photosets on sale [Monday
May 14, 07]

if this is not allowed... please delete it.

selling one old photoset from sid.
and other too...


Shameful mod post ;o; [Tuesday
Jul 04, 06]

[ mood | devious ]

Sorry everyone for not posting the scans today, I was out and busy all day. ;_; I'll have them up as soon as possible! ><;

BUT it's time for the layout poll! Since the community is in free account bliss, may I introduce you to Ghetto Polls? ;o; Ghetto Polls are a wonderful polling method I use on my personal LJ. :D Here's how it works!

Layout Poll #1!
If you'd like to see Kazoku as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Neon chou!
If you'd like to see GHOST as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Are You Ready?
If you'd like to see HeaRt as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Babe!
If you'd like to see Vidoll as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Yessir!

Yes, I'm very silly. ;o; I shouldn't be the comm owner.

You have a day to vote! Thank you! :D *Jui hand gestures away~*

EDIT: Voting closed.

speshul ownerpost. [Sunday
Jul 02, 06]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone! My name is Lain and I'm here to report a few changes to the community. ^_^

As you may have seen, pinknoisebabie was searching for new community moderators and a new owner. You've most likely seen Nono, __mellow's post, but she, Kristal, phantasmal and Mija, malice_of_mija are the new community moderators. ^^ And I, nightrays, am the new community leader AND YOU MUST BOW DOWN TO ME AHAHAHAH-no, just kidding. XD

We'll be doing our best for the community! \(゚ ∀゚)/

I'll be resetting the community and that means a new scans directory (thank you, __mellow ;w;), banners and such and a new layout. That means, of course, a vote. \o_o/ Tell me who you'd like to see in the layout in your comments, please~. I'll post the results and the vote will be based on the bands you suggested.

To make this post a little more interesting, since this is an indies scan community, I thought I'd contribute to the community. I have a few magazines and am willing to scan them, so we'll start with the two I bought recently. You guys have probably seen these scans elsewhere, but I'd still like to add something. ;o;

May 2006 Cure - Cover: bis
ContentsCollapse )

June 2006 Cure - Cover: D
ContentsCollapse )

Please tell me what you'd like scanned. ^_^

Of course, if you have any suggestions, please, let me know! :D You can leave a comment or e-mail me at harusaki.lemon.passion@gmail.com. ^^


[REQUEST] [Saturday
Apr 01, 06]

I've looked through the directory and all that stuff, and just have a small[?] request.

Does anyone have any scans of the band 'MAKARONI' at all? c v c I'll seriously take anything.. so.. ^ ^;

Thanks to anyone that can help! I'll probably scan some of my Cure soon and post here.

Blood - Vengeance for BLOOD 3 Booklet [Thursday
Mar 30, 06]

[ mood | calm ]

Artist: BLOOD
Album:Vengeance for BLOOD 3

I bought this when it first was available and now I decided to scan them ;)
On one page, there was only text so I didn't bother to scan that..

BLOOD Scans :)Collapse )


Request: Expect Rush IV [Saturday
Jan 07, 06]

Hello! I'm coming with a request...

Magazine: Expect Rush IV
Artist: KuRt

I know the pictures have been wonderfully scanned by kageru13 but I'm still looking for readable scans of the interviews. I'd be very grateful if somebody could scan the interview pages in a very high quality.

Thanks in advance!! m(_ _)m

Done by the wonderful rokuban! Thank you!

Alice Nine [Thursday
Jan 05, 06]

Hello ^^ This is my first post in this community ^_^
I have scanned my Fool's Mate from June 2005 and I have got two pictures of Alice Nine for you ^^ I hope that they haven't been posted before.. please comment, hai?

Alice Nine PicturesCollapse )

Mata ne <333;

Flyers more ^^ [Monday
Dec 26, 05]
[ mood | blah ]

Sorry if some of these were posted already x-x

1x beaU, Bergerac, Betty, Billy, bis
1x Celestial Gate, CELLT, cheSs
1x Dye
1x Fils
1x Gaki, G.O.Z VII
1x HeaRt
1x IncLine
1x Jigoro
1x Kamikaze Boyz, Kazoku, KuRt
1x Liz, Luvie
1x Parfait, Phylia
1x Renny Amy
1x Serial Number, Shintoku Maru
1x THE DEAD P☆P STARS, The Piass with Ra'S TESTARS, The Pumpkin Head

HERECollapse )


Nov 27, 05]

I didn't see this band in the directory so i'm asking if anyone still has this mag, if they could please scan ギルガメッシュ/GIRUGAMESH for me?

FOOL'S MATE VOL.285 (05年/5月号)

I would totally fall in love with you if you could. They rarely get scanned V_V

Nov 25, 05]

please, i´m begging you guys, if anyone of you gets some articels or pictures of elia, please post them~~
my only request ;______________;
EliaCollapse )

Sep 25, 05]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hiya all, this is my first time contributing to the comm, it's not much but I hope you all like the scans. :3

Random flyersCollapse )

The Pumpkin HeadCollapse )

SIN - KotonohaCollapse )


Jul 01, 05]

Finally Open :D <3

Offical Cure: Japanesque Rock // Visual Styling Magazine

very sorry if you've seeing this everywhere <3

[posted] alot!

Jun 03, 05]


decided to make this community

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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