Shameful mod post ;o;

Sorry everyone for not posting the scans today, I was out and busy all day. ;_; I'll have them up as soon as possible! ><;

BUT it's time for the layout poll! Since the community is in free account bliss, may I introduce you to Ghetto Polls? ;o; Ghetto Polls are a wonderful polling method I use on my personal LJ. :D Here's how it works!

Layout Poll #1!
If you'd like to see Kazoku as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Neon chou!
If you'd like to see GHOST as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Are You Ready?
If you'd like to see HeaRt as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Babe!
If you'd like to see Vidoll as the indies_scans layout, reply to this post with Yessir!

Yes, I'm very silly. ;o; I shouldn't be the comm owner.

You have a day to vote! Thank you! :D *Jui hand gestures away~*

EDIT: Voting closed.

speshul ownerpost.

Hello everyone! My name is Lain and I'm here to report a few changes to the community. ^_^

As you may have seen, pinknoisebabie was searching for new community moderators and a new owner. You've most likely seen Nono, __mellow's post, but she, Kristal, phantasmal and Mija, malice_of_mija are the new community moderators. ^^ And I, nightrays, am the new community leader AND YOU MUST BOW DOWN TO ME AHAHAHAH-no, just kidding. XD

We'll be doing our best for the community! \(゚ ∀゚)/

I'll be resetting the community and that means a new scans directory (thank you, __mellow ;w;), banners and such and a new layout. That means, of course, a vote. \o_o/ Tell me who you'd like to see in the layout in your comments, please~. I'll post the results and the vote will be based on the bands you suggested.

To make this post a little more interesting, since this is an indies scan community, I thought I'd contribute to the community. I have a few magazines and am willing to scan them, so we'll start with the two I bought recently. You guys have probably seen these scans elsewhere, but I'd still like to add something. ;o;

May 2006 Cure - Cover: bis
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June 2006 Cure - Cover: D
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Please tell me what you'd like scanned. ^_^

Of course, if you have any suggestions, please, let me know! :D You can leave a comment or e-mail me at ^^
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I've looked through the directory and all that stuff, and just have a small[?] request.

Does anyone have any scans of the band 'MAKARONI' at all? c v c I'll seriously take anything.. so.. ^ ^;

Thanks to anyone that can help! I'll probably scan some of my Cure soon and post here.
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Request: Expect Rush IV

Hello! I'm coming with a request...

Magazine: Expect Rush IV
Artist: KuRt

I know the pictures have been wonderfully scanned by kageru13 but I'm still looking for readable scans of the interviews. I'd be very grateful if somebody could scan the interview pages in a very high quality.

Thanks in advance!! m(_ _)m

Done by the wonderful rokuban! Thank you!

Alice Nine

Hello ^^ This is my first post in this community ^_^
I have scanned my Fool's Mate from June 2005 and I have got two pictures of Alice Nine for you ^^ I hope that they haven't been posted before.. please comment, hai?

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Mata ne <333;