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speshul ownerpost.

Hello everyone! My name is Lain and I'm here to report a few changes to the community. ^_^

As you may have seen, pinknoisebabie was searching for new community moderators and a new owner. You've most likely seen Nono, __mellow's post, but she, Kristal, phantasmal and Mija, malice_of_mija are the new community moderators. ^^ And I, nightrays, am the new community leader AND YOU MUST BOW DOWN TO ME AHAHAHAH-no, just kidding. XD

We'll be doing our best for the community! \(゚ ∀゚)/

I'll be resetting the community and that means a new scans directory (thank you, __mellow ;w;), banners and such and a new layout. That means, of course, a vote. \o_o/ Tell me who you'd like to see in the layout in your comments, please~. I'll post the results and the vote will be based on the bands you suggested.

To make this post a little more interesting, since this is an indies scan community, I thought I'd contribute to the community. I have a few magazines and am willing to scan them, so we'll start with the two I bought recently. You guys have probably seen these scans elsewhere, but I'd still like to add something. ;o;

May 2006 Cure - Cover: bis

Non-live reports:
bis, Vidoll, THE DEAD POP STARS, Phantasmagoria, Luvie, D,Siva, AILE, gossip, SULFURIC ACID, Irokui, Dolly, beaU, GHOST, Arc, Bergerac, Jigoro (... gigolo? o_o;), Cannival Method, MADARA, Celia'xeno, Han-nya, dip,

Live reports:
Soroban, Cure event, Love Can, Gyakmen), Kazoku,, KLACK, Codomo A, RENTRER EN SOI, Karen, jeal.kb, 鯱~FREEDOM~.

Styling and Fashion:
h.NAOTO x KuRt (Tenten and Saburo, to be precise), Style Council (Masumi of Wizard, Keeto of Dari), Bandman Private Fashion (PANIC☆ch, Vierledrain)

June 2006 Cure - Cover: D

Non-live reports
D, bis, 12012, CANDY, Kazoku, Inugami Circus-dan, RENTRER EN SOI, Codomo A, Rara, RedCarpet, gossip, Irokui, GHOST, ARESZ, Celestial Gate, SCREW, Dio, -auncia-, Gyakmen, Piasa, Missa, Amaterase, Kisaki photo diary

Live reports:
Ayabie, Phantasmagoria, Cure event, Vidoll, KLACK

Styling and Fashion:
h.NAOTO x Phantasmagoria (Riku and Jun), Style Council (Satsuki of Bergerac, HIZAKI of Sulfuric Acid), Bandman Private Fashion ( *lots of kanji I'm not gonna try to romanize so I don't make mistakes here*NoGoD, cheSs)

Please tell me what you'd like scanned. ^_^

Of course, if you have any suggestions, please, let me know! :D You can leave a comment or e-mail me at ^^
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